About UPC

We at the UPC design gifts & keepsakes which attempt to blend humor, vintage inspired design and free speech for your enjoyment.
We do not endorse the use of any substances which are represented in our work.
We take no responsibility for the laws in your state or country dealing with the subjects
or designs we create and sell.
If you take offense to the nature of our designs please look somewhere else on the web.
We appreciate feedback as long as it is positive and constructive.
If you wish to vent your dislike of our products, please go see an authorized doctor
about your condition.
Our staff has NO time to read nor answer hate mail.
If you wish to blog or link to our site please e-mail us for permission.
This is FREE SPEECH coming to you from HUMBOLDT county USA.
DO NOT smoke any of our products, because they will not get you high.
Please enjoy our site and Happy shopping ........
And please be responsible with our products and remember: DONʼT WRITE POSTCARDS & DRIVE !